Monday, December 6, 2010

Week-Day-Dreaming: Weekend in New York

 In August of 2008, Brandon and I spent a weekend in New York to celebrate our first anniversary.  It was the first time in New York for both of us, so we decided to hit as many of the well-known places that we could, all while keeping the spirit of a relaxation alive (which was not an easy task in the crowded, tourist farm that is called Times Square!) and without depleting our checking account.  Not surprisingly, we managed to fill up the weekend quickly, and we left wanting to see more.

Here's how we spent our weekend:

Hotel: We're huge fans of Hampton Inn, so we found one just outside the city in Secaucus, NJ that was close to a bus stop.  This worked GREAT.  Each morning was just a 15 minute bus ride into Port Authority (near Times Square) and we didn't have to pay a pretty penny for a quality downtown hotel.

Saturday morning, we took a stroll around Times Square which is no simple task.  There was a lot of running into people. If you stop to take a picture, someone runs into you.  If you look up to take in the amazing lights and elaborate advertisements, you will inevitably run into someone else.  Nonetheless, it was amazing to see in person what I had seen on TV so many times before.

Then, we walked around the area and down 5th Ave to see more famous places.  Self walking tours are an entertaining and cheap way to see the sights, especially in a place like New York City.  A good pair of shoes and a map provided hours of entertainment!  

For lunch, try Patsy's Pizza.  New York pizza is a novelty in itself, but Patsy's really knows how to do it right. This place came recommended by a New York City policeman hanging out on the street....I think he would know. :) Try the one in Murray Hill at 509 3rd Ave.  You won't be dissapointed!

Saturday evening, we went to the Broadway show, Hairspray.  So incredible! Brandon had bought me tickets as a birthday present.  I know, I'm a lucky gal. ;)  Surprisingly, even though musicals aren't exactly up his alley, I think he enjoyed the show.  This particular cast had "Norm" from Cheers playing the "big mama" character.  HILARIOUS.

Sunday morning, we visited the old site of the World Trade Center, memorial museum, and new site of the Freedom Towers. 

...and took a peek at the Statue of Liberty from afar.

Sunday afternoon, to end our 2 days in New York with a bit of relaxation, we hung out around Central Park and people-watched (no place has people like New York City - and I'm not just talking about quantity!) for a couple hours.  This was one of my favorite sights of the whole weekend.  This huge lot of peaceful green in the middle of a bustling city.  No wonder surrounding streets are considered prime real estate.  Central Park is a mecca of beauty...and we loved every minute we spent there.

Adjacent to the large park is museum mile which we unfortunately didn't have time for....that's definitely on the list for our next visit! 

Until next time, NYC! 

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  1. Enjoyed your remarks and Pictures of New York City!
    Beautiful City!

  2. Those are great pictures, thank you for sharing. NYC is an amazing city!~



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