Friday, November 19, 2010

Asian Slaw

Give me a T! Give me a G! Give me an I! Give me a F!  What's that spell?


Thank God It's Friday for those of you who didn't catch ABC on Fridays in the 90's.

I'm flat-out pooped from the week and so excited for the weekend!  Here's what I have on tap:

Friday: Putting the finishing touches on my bookcase.  Final pictures will probably go up tomorrow!  Here's a taste:

Saturday:  Make a fruit salsa with cinnamon chips as requested by the host of the baby shower I will be attending at 1 pm.  Buy a baby shower gift for said baby shower...nothin' like waiting till the last minute!  Then, possibly have some friends over for dinner and dominos (we've been working on the same game of dominos for the last year - maybe we'll finally finish!)

Sunday:  Church, then grocery shopping, then cooking for the week.

Man, I didn't think I had that busy of a weekend until I typed it out just now.  It's so crazy how fast the schedule can be filled to the brim.

Well, I'm rambling now...get to the point, Denise :)

Today at work, we had what I would call a Thanksgiving potluck for lunch.  Everybody brought in a dish to share with everybody was so fun and trust me, no one went hungry! We had a table packed with turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, baked corn, succotash, pies, cookies, cake,.....and then my Asian Slaw. :)

I know, I know...where's the Thanksgiving in that, you say?

Well, while I'm sure there were no pilgrims eating Asian Slaw at the first Thanksgiving feast, I think people liked it.  At least they pretended that they did. :)

If you're not a fan of the creamy slaw, this is a great alternative.

Again, (I'm starting to sound like a broken record) the recipe is from my favorite recipes website,

Get it HERE!

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