Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hershey, PA - Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Ok, this was so much fun...

Cousin Shelby came for a visit a couple weekends ago (here's what other shenanigans we were up to that weekend) and we visited Hershey, PA...or the "Motherland" as her mom called it...Stacy, you are hilarious. :)

They have this new activity where you can create your own candy bar and design its wrapper...

Then, you watch it go down the conveyer belt...

....while sporting these awesome hair nets and, if necessary, beard nets (husband had a little too much fun with the beard net).

It adds the ingredients you chose...I picked pretzels, rice krispies, and cookie bits...go big or go home, right?

Next, it covers your creation in chocolate.

And adds sprinkles if you so desire...I do. :)

While your chocolate bar is in the cooling chamber, you get to design your wrapper.

And you have your very own personalized candy bar made in Hershey, PA! Cool, huh? 

Then, you eat it...DUH! :)



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