Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seriously...that's a hotel?

I love vacations, activities, or random occurrences that give you cause to talk about them for years afterwards.  Call me crazy, but I was actually thinking it would be cool if something would happen at my wedding that could make it onto a wedding blooper show...ya know, something that would make me look back and say, "Remember when..." and then I would start cracking up at the thought.  But the wonderful day went by without too many hiccups and no blooper-worthy shenanigans...although I do get "Remember when it was 100 degrees at your outdoor wedding!" a lot.  :)

Good times.

Well, I was searching the net the other day and stumbled upon these wild and wacky hotels in the US.  I had no idea they even existed, but I think they would definitely be worthy of a "Remember when..." if I were to stay at one of them.

Red Caboose Motel - Strasburg, PA

Don't worry!...this train motel is completely stationary! 

Dog Bark Park Inn - Cottonwood, Idaho

You can actually stay inside the world's largest beagle!

Or catch some Zzzzs in an Indian teepee...

Or how about staying 50' in the air...

Or underwater!

How about chillin' for the night in an icy hotel?

Doesn't it sound like fun to stay in one of those hotels?  Well, maybe the ones at ground level. :) I mean, I'm all for adventure, but I would be shaking in my boots at 50' in the air and too nervous of drowning to fall asleep underwater.  If you've got the guts, then I say go for it and create a fabulous story to tell!

More unique hotels all around the world can be Happy travelling!

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  1. Oh some of those are hilarious! And I can just imagine my kids referring to them for years! I'll have to check out that site the next time we go traveling... Thanks for sharing!



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