Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Travelocity's Top Secret Hotels

New York City....Round 2.  We decided it would be fun to go back to New York for a weekend in  February.  The last time we went was August 2008.  With it being only 2 1/2 hours away, I don't know why we haven't made the trip before this.

Last time we went, we stayed in a hotel in Secaucus, NJ and rode the bus into the city each morning.  This worked great for three reasons:

1.) we were able to park at the hotel for free rather than pay $20-$30 to park in the city each day
2.) the bus stop was right across from our hotel...EASY....and it dropped us off right in the middle of Times Square.
3.) it was about $$$ cheaper for a hotel in NJ than it was for a hotel of the same quality in Manhattan...SCORE

Well, this time around, we're taking a different route.  We took a gamble on Travelocity's Top Secret Hotel website.  It works like this...

They show you a deeply discounted Price, Date, Location/Area, Rating per real travelers (not just Travelocity), and # of stars.  Here's the kicker...they don't show you the name of the hotel until after you reserve the room.  Ahhh!...that's pretty scary for those of us who like to at least see a picture of the hotel/rooms before we commit.  I mean, I've stayed in some 3-star hotels where I thought they were probably being a little too generous when they handed over that third star....let's be honest.

Here's what we knew about our top secret hotel: the price was right (less than what we paid when staying in NJ), location in the Financial District - Manhattan, 4-1/2 smiley faces by other travelers, and 3 stars.

So, before we typed in our credit card information, Brandon and I decided, "Okay, this will be adventure and we'll take what we get and hope for best."

So what was our top secret hotel?

Never heard of it...but it looks pretty swanky!  I'm sure we could never afford its non-discounted price!

{Picture via Eurostars - Wall Street website}

We'll let you know how this story ends after we take the trip.  So far, Travelocity's Top Secret Hotel program seems like a pretty sweet deal!


  1. Whoa! Looks amazing. Hey it's no "Palace" but not every place can be as nice as that one:)

  2. can't wait to see what you say after visiting.. but it sure looks good to me!! :) good luck!



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