Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bold and Beautiful Blog Hop

I am so excited to be part of a very unique blog hop. Gail @My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD @ Beauty in the Attempt are hosting “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed”.

Please take a look around my blog, check out the layout, pages, buttons, sidebar and gadgets. I would love for you to gently critique my blog. I’m hoping you will leave me some positive feedback about my blog. It would be great if you could give me constructive criticism but be sure to tell me what you like about my blog too! Do you like my pictures? Does my blog load quickly for you? How about the font? All tips and tidbits welcome!

You are welcome to join the party, it starts Thursday night and is open for a week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIFriday Feature: WhipperBerry


They are stinkin' FANTASTIC at what they do.

From dessert tables at wedding, birthdays, etc. to recipes and crafts...everything looks absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS.

This group of 9 ladies (self-titled WhipperChicks) are so TALENTED.

Hungry yet? Inspired yet? Smiling yet?

Go ahead.  See for yourself.  You're gonna LOVE it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Philadelphia Museum of Art (the one with Rocky movie steps)

This past weekend we spent half of a Saturday in Philly with my brother-in-law, Chad. We always have a great time when we go visit him, and this time was definitely no different.  

And I always get so excited when I get to check off another item in my 1000 Places to See Before You Die book.  I only have like 920 to go...I guess I better plan on living until I'm 500 or so! :)

So here's how we spent our half-day in Philadelphia:

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art - 4 hours...OF COURSE you have to run up the steps and victoriously throw your arms in the air when you reach the top like Rocky did.

2. Dinner @ Francoluigi's Pizzeria, home of the "Singing Chef"...he literally sings a bit of opera for you, then goes back to the kitchen to whip up an amazing calzone. - 1 hour

3. 76ers Game - 3 hours...can I just say that the Jazzercise dancing at half time was the highlight for me?!    AWESOME.

{Pics from the Art Museum}

{The famous steps} 

{We actually walked up's a lot of steps!}

{VICTORY - Chad said I looked more like a cheerleader than a tough boxer}

{At the top}

{The guys' favorite exhibit}

{Japanese tea house exhibit}

{The man who made this place famous}

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bedroom Lighting

One thing that I've never understood about our house is that many of the rooms do not have ceiling lights.  Ceiling fans, maybe...but not ceiling lights! Really?  Can someone explain this to me?

Apparently, this is common in new construction and helps keep down the initial costs for the developer (we bought the home as is, so we didn't choose any of the upgrades).

So for 2-1/2 years, we've lived with the light of one lamp in our master bedroom.  I don't know why it always takes me FOR-EVER to get around to these things...

Finally, we made a stop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought a set of 3 lamps to kick off the process of a master bedroom redo (remember my New Year's resolution?).

{Before} - Here's the lone lamp...

I love natural daylighting, so I wanted that same effect even when it was dark outside.  We picked the daylight bulbs, which is more of a "blue" light on the light spectrum.  These bulbs also make your white lamp shades look more white.

Here is a picture showing the contrast of the two different light bulbs.  The bedside lamp in the foreground is using the more yellow toned compact fluorescents and the two lamps in the background are using the new daylight bulbs.  Soooooo much better, in my opinion.

{After} - I finally have my own lamp on my side of the bed! 

{After} - Lamp #3...the lighting in our bedroom has tripled!

Next project in bedding!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cupcake Wars

This is Cupcake Wars on Food Network...



This is the result of Brandon and I watching Cupcake Wars...

Too bad the contestants can't use Duncan Hines Confetti Cupcake Mix...because they would totally WIN!

A new episode of Cupcake Wars airs on January 18 @ 9 pm EST.  Check it out!

...and we're back!

What a week! Brandon and I arrived back in PA last Friday from our 7-night vacation to Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  It was a much-needed, relaxing and refreshing trip...perfect timing for us.  Admittedly, we were spoiled like crazy...and loved every minute of it. :)

The resort that we went to was an all-inclusive (you must try one of these at some point in your life!) which means that you pay a set price and all accommodations, food, drinks, most activities, and most amenities are included.  If you've been to one, you probably know how absolutely wonderful it is to go to a restaurant and order from a menu with NO prices.  Order the lobster or go with the cheeseburger...or how about one of each!?!  Okay, we weren't that glutenous, but we both definitely put on a few pounds.

In an attempt to counteract all of the food and drinks, we tried to stay active by playing beach volleyball, where we met some great people from several different countries (Hi, Rick & Jeannette!), and riding the waves on boogie boards.  

Here are a few photos from our week...

These first few photos were taken on the hour-long drive from airport to the resort.  While there are many growing and prosperous resorts/hotels in Punta Cana, much of the countryside was filled with scenes of poverty.   

There were many fields with too-skinny cattle grazing.  The fences that contained them were much different than any I had ever seen.

Arriving at the resort...

Relaxing at the gorgeous pools.

Under the shade of an umbrella made of palm tree leaves...

The view out our back door...

A crazy guy on a four-wheeler...

A walk on the beach at sunset...

More of the resort...

A beach party...

24-hour room service...A-MAZING...

Tropical flowers...

Tropical birds...

The resort had 8 different restaurants to choose from...this was the hardest decision of the week. :)

We had fun getting all fancied up for dinner and the nighttime shows/activities....

Incredible food that looked as good as it tasted...

Then, the week was over before we knew it...and we were on our way back home.


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