Thursday, January 27, 2011

Philadelphia Museum of Art (the one with Rocky movie steps)

This past weekend we spent half of a Saturday in Philly with my brother-in-law, Chad. We always have a great time when we go visit him, and this time was definitely no different.  

And I always get so excited when I get to check off another item in my 1000 Places to See Before You Die book.  I only have like 920 to go...I guess I better plan on living until I'm 500 or so! :)

So here's how we spent our half-day in Philadelphia:

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art - 4 hours...OF COURSE you have to run up the steps and victoriously throw your arms in the air when you reach the top like Rocky did.

2. Dinner @ Francoluigi's Pizzeria, home of the "Singing Chef"...he literally sings a bit of opera for you, then goes back to the kitchen to whip up an amazing calzone. - 1 hour

3. 76ers Game - 3 hours...can I just say that the Jazzercise dancing at half time was the highlight for me?!    AWESOME.

{Pics from the Art Museum}

{The famous steps} 

{We actually walked up's a lot of steps!}

{VICTORY - Chad said I looked more like a cheerleader than a tough boxer}

{At the top}

{The guys' favorite exhibit}

{Japanese tea house exhibit}

{The man who made this place famous}


  1. Oh my gosh! You've inspired me to make this trip! I think we need to do a weekend together, you have such great ideas!

  2. Gotta love Philly! What? No cheesesteak?!

  3. I'd say looking like a cherrleader, rather than a boxer, is definitely a good thing!!!

    These pictures are so lovely - it almost feels like we're there with you!


  4. I've always thought it would be great fun to go and run those famous stairs. Maybe someday I'll make it there.



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