Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Bread Machine!

Check it blog just got super-sized! I changed the layout so I can add larger photos...what do ya think?


Well, our goal this past Christmas was to return home from Missouri with less than what we took there.  Do you know how hard it is to fit Christmas presents for 10+ people, a week's worth of luggage for 3 people, the 3 people, and a dog into a tiny Honda Civic? Not easy!

When my mom asked if I would like to have her bread machine and loaf pans to take home with us, I was like..."Uh, YES, PLEASE!" It was no walk in the park, but we managed to squeeze it in the trunk.  

So, Brandon and I decided to test it out this past weekend....

We made Multi-Grain Honey Wheat Bread from Better Homes and Gardens: Bread Machine Bounty.

{Toasted Wheat Germ}

Pans for different sizes and shapes of breads...will be experimenting in the near future with these for sure!

{The Bounty}

It tasted great with the homemade raspberry jam we received this Christmas...thank you, Grandma Bonnie!

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