Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bedroom Lighting

One thing that I've never understood about our house is that many of the rooms do not have ceiling lights.  Ceiling fans, maybe...but not ceiling lights! Really?  Can someone explain this to me?

Apparently, this is common in new construction and helps keep down the initial costs for the developer (we bought the home as is, so we didn't choose any of the upgrades).

So for 2-1/2 years, we've lived with the light of one lamp in our master bedroom.  I don't know why it always takes me FOR-EVER to get around to these things...

Finally, we made a stop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought a set of 3 lamps to kick off the process of a master bedroom redo (remember my New Year's resolution?).

{Before} - Here's the lone lamp...

I love natural daylighting, so I wanted that same effect even when it was dark outside.  We picked the daylight bulbs, which is more of a "blue" light on the light spectrum.  These bulbs also make your white lamp shades look more white.

Here is a picture showing the contrast of the two different light bulbs.  The bedside lamp in the foreground is using the more yellow toned compact fluorescents and the two lamps in the background are using the new daylight bulbs.  Soooooo much better, in my opinion.

{After} - I finally have my own lamp on my side of the bed! 

{After} - Lamp #3...the lighting in our bedroom has tripled!

Next project in bedding!

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  1. You'ld think every house would come with light fixtures, wouldn't you!! Our first house was like that too. The only two lights in the whole house were in the bathroom and the kitchen. By the time we moved, every room had a light in it. Light makes a big difference.



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