Friday, April 8, 2011


I recently received this award from my friend, Kat over at Maples Leaves and Sycamore Trees.  Thanks so much, Kat! Although I like to consider myself more in the style-in-progress ballpark (mostly because I can't make up my mind on what my style really is), it is an honor to receive this award from you...someone who's style is totally inspiring and beautiful.  I mean, check out this ottoman she MADE...

From this...

To this...

Click here to see more of Kat's creation!

Well, to wrap up the acceptance of this award, I'd like to thank....

Just kidding.  Part of receiving this award is telling 7 things about myself that you may not know about here goes...

1.  My favorite game is Clue although I rarely win.

2. When I was a kid (think 80's/90's), my favorite channel was TVland.... Petticoat Junction, Mr. Ed, Bewitched, Green Acres, and the like.

3. Speaking of Green Acres, one of my favorite family moments was when we were at the table for Christmas dinner and we all started singing the Green Acres song..."Green Acres is the place for me. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide..." Hilarious...I will never forget it. :)

4. I have a slight obsession with starting things from the beginning.  Case in point...when Brandon and I were in college and dating, I roped him into trying to watch all the $1 movies at Family Video from A to Z with me.  We made it to the Bs. :)

5.  I broke my collar bone when I was a toddler by falling out of a shopping cart.

6. I cannot help but pick out all of the cookie dough from the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  My husband is not a fan of that trait. :)

7.  My cousin and I once drove 6 hours to go to an IKEA.  Good times. 

Well, now I have the privilege of passing on this award to 5 stylish gals.  Check these blogs won't regret it!

Laura at Finding Home
Tricia at Three Petunias

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