Friday, October 29, 2010

Picfolio - Scrapbooking Even I Can Do!

I am defiinitely what you would call scrapbooking-challenged.  Seriously, I'm really least at the kind where you cut your pictures and pretty paper into different shapes and sizes and creatively arrange them on a white paper canvas. 


That all changed when my mother-in-law got me the Picfolio kit from Creative Memories (my husband calls it "Cut-up-your Memories" which makes me chuckle every time) for my birthday. 

All you have to do with the Picfolio kit is slide the pictures into the slots.  So easy! You can also mix in pretty already-coordinated paper to give it the artsy, scrapbooking feel, and journal about the pictures.  This was perfect for me and now all my pics aren't just "collecting dust" on my computer.  

Here's a few pages from my book...

There's a ton of different styles of paper you can use on the Creative Memories website.  Check it out here!

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