Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye, Old Spices...Hello, World Spice

This past weekend, I decided to go through my spice cabinet and throw away any spices past their expiration.  All I have to say is....WOW! I ended up throwing away half my spice collection!

It really hurt...all that money...wasted.  I came extremely close to just putting them back, but finally convinced myself that fresh spices can make or break a into the trash they went!

In an effort to find a way to be less wasteful and save money when it comes to spices, I've come across two ideas:

1. Grab a couple friends and share least the ones that you don't use often.  Half of those ground cloves would have been plenty for me!

2. Order spices online from World Spice.  A lot of their spices are 1 oz. for $1.  So much cheaper than the ones at the store and you have so many more options!  Stock up on all your fave spices once a year and pay shipping once a year...that will equal big savings to the store-bought alternative.   I may even order their adorable jars to put them in...or go with an even cheaper version from Ikea.

IKEA, $2.99/4 Pack

Maybe I'm getting ambitious, but I would love to have a spice cabinet that looked like this!

So cute!  Spice Jar Organization Tips at

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  1. Thanks for the link to World Spice, I was just thinking that I should start buying smaller jars because I know there are spices more than five years old in our cupboard!



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