Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Decor Part 2 - Wreath Alternative

I'm really excited to share this little project with you!

I was in Michaels yesterday searching for items to make a fall wreath (artificial flowers, vines, etc) and suddenly realized... I am really not wanting to put forth the effort in making this thing.  The daunting task of hot-gluing each flower on and most likely burning myself several times in the process was just not appealing to me yesterday.  And there is NO WAY I was going to spend $40-$60 on the ready-made wreaths.  My thrifty conscious just wouldn't allow it.  So, I left empty-handed and a front door looking like this. :(  Definitely not fall-y enough and definitely bor-ing.

Then came to me.  I don't HAVE to put a wreath on my front door.  While picking up a few groceries, I stopped by the craft section at Walmart.  Here's my wreath alternative:

Small basket, Walmart, $3
Foam blocks, Walmart, $2

Bought the ready-made bouquet of artificial fall flowers and snipped off each stem. 
Better Homes and Garden brand, Walmart $5 each.  I used three bouquets to fill out the basket.

Then, you simply poke the stems into the foam blocks at all angles.

Next, I tied a wide dark brown ribbon to each handle.  
Ribbon, Walmart, $2

And the final product for a grand total of $22!

Now I have a much-improved fall-cladded front door! :)

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