Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing...Nursery, Belly, and Garden

Wow, this is becoming very real.  

We're putting together cribs...

...preparing physically and mentally for 10 diaper changes a day...

...buying Dr. Suess books...

...and hanging tiny clothes in preparation to meet our son.  And we couldn't be more excited...and nervous...and freaked out...

but mostly excited. :) 

23 weeks. Baby B is the size of an ear of corn and almost 1-1/2 lbs.  Growing, growing, growing!

Speaking of growing...I'm exercising my green thumb this year and planted my first garden!  But similar to my actual exercise regimen, it is strictly low-key. :)  With the limited space around our small townhouse, there is not much room for anything extravagant.  In any case, despite the operator errors, I have come to love watching these plants grow from little tiny seeds.

Here's what's growing...or not growing...or thinking about growing...

Sweet Basil, my favorite herb.  When I was in Italy, almost every restaurant had what was called Insalata Caprese.  Yum, yum, yum.

Here's the simple recipe perfect for summer.

I feel like this cilantro is going to be an "error" in my trial-and-error gardening philosophy.  Better luck next year!

Green beans in a pot...also looking like an "error."  Has anyone ever successfully grown green beans in a pot?  Let me know if there is hope! far, so good!

The towers o' lettuce.

3 onions and the crazy mint that would grow no matter how hard I try to kill it.

And what's not shown...

Lavender, sage, and oregano (hiding behind the towers of lettuce)
Dill (decided it no longer liked pickles and stayed underground)
Rosemary (indoors and GREAT in mashed potatoes!)
Chives (on the other side of the house)
Spinach (eaten by the wascally wabbits)


  1. Exciting times:) Love the garden. You're growing lots of different things--you'll love harvesting your crops!

  2. Denise, you are so cute! Our cilantro isn't looking so good either. I'm really disappointed cuz I LOVE the stuff. Good luck with the rest of your garden! The baby's furniture is beautiful and btw.

  3. Your garden looks great :D There's something about watching a garden grow. It makes me all cheerful inside.



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